• Big Changes Ahead in Westchester Healthcare


  • WCA Task Force Prepares Industry for the Changes

  • At Tuesday's meeting of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Healthcare Reform, some of the region's most important healthcare leaders, representing over $1 billion in annual revenue, gathered at WCA's headquarters to discuss changes...

    Bill Harrington, Chairman of the Westchester County Association and the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Healthcare Reform addresses the crowd at the first annual Healthcare Reform Summit in Tarrytown, New York.

    on the horizon for the healthcare industry in Westchester.  The Westchester County Association is facilitating the conversation carefully, as healthcare is our county and region's top industry.  

    Some of the issues on the horizon that the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Healthcare Reform is covering:
    • The for-profit industry, which has been running healthcare systems successfully in other states, now is eyeing New York State;
    • How hospitals and other healthcare providers can withstand further cuts in Medicaid and Medicare programs; and
    • How collaboration and advocacy are critical components of a healthy healthcare industry in Westchester County.
    Additionally, the Westchester County Association's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Healthcare Reform is busy planning this fall's second annual healthcare summit.

    For further information, please contact Amy Allen at the Westchester County Association.  

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