• BLUEPRINT for Westchester and Young Professionals Group to Spearhead Efforts to Transform Westchester into a Greater Place to Live, Work, and Play


  • First Step Announced Today -- a Partnership with Project for Public Spaces

  • The Westchester County Association (WCA) announced today that it has formed a partnership with Project for Public Spaces (PPS), to take a leadership role in transforming Westchester into a community that's more attractive to a younger...

    Attracting young professionals here is key to Westchester's future.
    more diverse workforce.  PPS is a nationally renowned organization, whose pioneering approach helps to transform public spaces into vital places that highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation, and build stronger communities.  PPS will be working with WCA's Young Professionals Group and Economic Development Task Force ("The Blueprint for Westchester") on "placemaking" issues to improve the county's downtowns, civic areas, corporate campuses, transportation hubs, and more.  

    "We're particularly interested in creating the neighborhoods and amenities of the future in order to attract educated and creative young talent to Westchester County," says Marissa Brett, Executive Director of Economic Development for the WCA and The Blueprint for Westchester initiative that's partnering with the Young Professionals Group on placemaking. "We'd like to capitalize on transforming the available inventory we have now." 

    "Available inventory" refers to the six-million square feet of vacant office space in Westchester now that could be repurposed for other suitable uses, such as cool and interesting housing options for young professionals. "This is a very attractive option," says William V. Cuddy, chairman of The Blueprint.  "It's a great opportunity to do something transformative."

    Brendan Meyer, Chair of WCA's Young Professionals Group, is especially excited at the prospect. "Our group is passionate about spearheading the effort to transform and position Westchester as a great place to live, work, and play for young professionals." 

    The Westchester County Association is the preeminent business membership organization in Westchester County.  It serves to drive economic vitality and development in Westchester and the region; stimulates new business creation; provides a strong and clear voice for the interests of business of all sizes on the regional, national and international levels; provides our members with access to and interaction with key public and private sector individuals, agencies, and organizations; and is an information resource center for our members. Further information: www.westchester.org

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