• Accelerator Will Ultimately Lead to More Jobs in the County


  • Network has attracted $175 million in initial investment

  • (White Plains, NY.... March 8) ....Today, the Westchester County Association announced that the Blueprint Accelerator Network, LLC, has taken root in Westchester, paving the way to attract innovative businesses to Westchester with the potential to create new jobs in the county...

    The owners of Lola Granola address the media, and voice support for the Blueprint Accelerator Network. Young companies like this one can benefit from the accelerator with its services, connections, and financing.

    According to Marissa Brett, WCA's Executive Director of Economic Development, an entrepreneurial culture is growing in the country and about to blossom here in Westchester. "People want to run their own companies," she said at the WCA's March 8th press conference to introduce the accelerator. "Now we're able to say we have created the environment in which this culture will thrive. We've put together a network to help these young companies accelerate to the next level." And when they do, the jobs will follow.

    She also announced that one million square feet of vacant commercial space has been taken off the market. "One down, two to go," she said, referring to the Blueprints goal announced ten months ago to fill three million square feet of vacant space by 2014. Based on real estate industry calculations, attracting businesses to occupy that space would create 9,000-15,000 jobs, or three to five new jobs for every one thousand square feet absorbed.

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