• WCA's Statement in Support of Relicensing of Indian Point


  • Losing Indian Point Leads to Unreliable Power Grid, a Deterrent to Business and Jobs in New York

  • Statement by Dorothy Forcina,
    Managing Director of Membership and Program Development,
    Westchester County Association

    at the NRC Meeting, Tarrytown

    Good evening. My name is Dorothy Forcina and I am here tonight representing the Westchester County Association, Westchester's preeminent business membership group. Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of large, mid-size, and entrepreneurial businesses in the county, all of whom...

    Entergy's Indian Point Energy Center delivers clean, reliable energy to the region.
    ... understand the clear link between energy costs and prosperity.  When it comes to power generation, business and industry want to know that they are going to have affordable, reliable, and competitively-priced power. Our members take electric rates into account when projecting their operating expenses and looking at their bottom lines. 

    High energy costs and energy disruptions are big problems for business and industry. They contribute to the reduction in hiring and opportunity in Westchester -- not a good thing as we try to compete nationally and globally.

    We believe that Indian Point’s continued operation is essential to Westchester’s economic growth and prosperity. Without the plant there would be higher prices and a decrease in grid reliability.  And this would send a distressing message to all: that New York State is hostile to business. That would make it difficult to attract and retain companies and jobs in Westchester.

    We support the plant’s continued operation and urge policy makers, the NRC, and others to also support Indian Point. Thank you.