• Health Insurers Will Have to Step up to the Plate


  • Consumers May Have to Watch for Curveballs

  • A study published today in Health Affairs found that more than half of today’s health plan coverage for individuals falls short of what will be able to be sold in the health insurance exchanges mandated by the Affordable Health Care Act, beginning in 2014... 

    What does this mean? “Insurers will have to improve benefits in some plans to meet requirements that they cover at least 60 percent of the cost of a person’s care,” according to an article in BloombergBusinessweek. While in many ways that’s welcome news, it may also mean that premiums will rise.

    The study was funded by The Commonwealth Fund, which uses data supplied by health plans "to determine the financial protection they provided in 2010 in the individual and small- and large-group markets, and then compares that protection against the new 2014 standards." For the report, click here.

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