• McMahon: The 1% Pay Most of New York State's Taxes


  • WCA Hosts Provocative Roundtable on the State of the State

  • During today's Political Friday hosted by the Westchester County Association, E.J. McMahon’s message to the audience was clear: “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu...”

    E. J. McMahon talks policy at WCA's Political Friday on June 1, 2012
    A Senior Fellow for the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and Empire Center for New York State Policy, McMahon offered a lively, ninety-minute presentation focused on the state budget, Tier 6 pension and Triborough Amendment reforms, as well as the legislative process in Albany.

    Candidates for local political office, Westchester business leaders, and former Westchester County Executive Al DelBello joined in a spirited discussion about the current state of New York.

    “New York's state and local governments, along with public authorities, have a combined $240 billion unfunded liability for pension healthcare coverage,” McMahon told the crowd. “This translates into as much as an $11,000 tax burden per person in some New York cities.”

    When a member of the audience asked how ordinary citizens could stress the importance of pension reform, Bill Mooney, president, the Westchester County Association, quickly offered support.

    “The Association is happy to make presentations, based on data from Mr. McMahon and the Empire Center, to any of our member companies’ boards or leadership teams.”

    A Tarrytown-native, E.J. McMahon’s influential “Blueprint for a Better Budget,” a special report published in January 2010 by the Empire Center, featured a number of recommendations subsequently implemented under governors David Paterson and Andrew Cuomo. McMahon also was a leading advocate of an across-the-board cap on property taxes in New York.

    And speaking of taxes, McMahon says that the highest-earning 1% pay 43% of New York's state income tax, noting that Albany overly relies on millionaires to fund state coffers.  

    Since January 2012, McMahon has been a weekly opinion columnist with Newsday. He also has published numerous articles and essays in, among other publications, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Barron’s, Public Interest, New York Post, New York Daily News, and the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal. His frequent radio and TV interviews have included appearances on CNBC, Fox News Channel and Bloomberg News, as well as on regional cable and broadcast outlets throughout New York State.

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