• City of White Plains Has Repurposing on Its Mind


  • Zoning changes for Mixed-Use Development Will Result in Transforming Obsolete Buildings Along the Platinum Mile To Be More in Line With Today's Needs

  • The deepest recession in decades is causing municipalities to reevaluate their zoning to turn vacant, obsolete buildings into productive ones via mixed-use development. Repurposing – a cornerstone of The BLUEPRINT for....

    Mayor Tom Roach discusses repurposing with WCA's Marissa Brett 
    ...Westchester is one way of transforming commercial property, created for specific uses in the 1980s, and revamping it for completely different uses, more in line with in today’s market. It also can reverse the impact of the loss in recent years of multi-national corporations formerly based here, such as General Foods and Texaco.

    “Times change and it’s important to have the flexibility to evolve for success,” notes Marissa Brett, executive director of WCA’s Economic Development. “Repurposing ultimately offers bigger returns for property owners, which, in turn, benefits the municipalities in which they are located.”

    This week, the White Plains City Council opened a public hearing to discuss a zoning ordinance change that would allow for additional uses in the city's corporate office parks. Brett spoke passionately on the importance of moving this forward.

    “I made it clear that there is a tremendous need to transform Westchester and that repurposed office parks can play a significant role in that transformation,” she said. “Mixed-use developments and communities within the parks are a necessity.” Happily, the ordinance was passed unanimously by the Council.

    Some of the repurposed buildings could provide more reasonably priced residential space for young professionals who want to be near their jobs in the county, rather than commute into Manhattan. And companies looking to attract and retain exceptional employees must have competitive recruiting tools. Housing and amenities attractive to young professionals are part of that equation.

    “We are working closely with our municipal partners to revitalize economic development in the county,” Brett adds. "We are thrilled that White Plains is on the way!

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