• New York State is Graying? Our Young Professionals Are on the Case


  • YP and Blueprint Goal: Halt Young Adults From Fleeing the State in Search of Jobs and Lifestyle

  • According to the Empire Center, the number of young adults (20-34) in New York State, and especially the NYC suburbs, is down sharply. And while the city is still a magnet for YPs, the overall numbers are trending downward as young...

    ...professionals flee the state. There are many reasons for the "graying" – longer life expectancy, lower birthrate, older folks working longer. But it's the lack of opportunity that's pushing Generation Y to points south and west. So, if we want to retain young professionals, they’re going to need jobs and decent places to live and play. Problem is, New York State is notoriously un-business friendly, and when companies relocate, they take jobs with them.

    WCA’s Young Professionals Group in conjunction with our Blueprint for Westchester, is working feverishly to change that – particularly in Westchester. Here’s how:

    Placemaking. YPs want to remain here, but first they need reasonably-priced housing and neighborhoods with some nightlife, and they want to be near their jobs. WCA’s YPs are working with Project for Public Spaces to bring this concept to municipalities and developers.

    Repurposing and Rezoning. So, if office parks are outmoded, rethink the purpose for which those buildings are intended. Repurpose for the new generation of biotech, medtech, tech tech, and rezone to encourage reasonably-priced housing and the creation of vibrant new neighborhoods. This is a major initiative of the Blueprint for Westchester.

    Blueprint Accelerator Network. This a brilliant plan encourages young promising businesses to locate here. With $225 million in debt financing available, along with a host of complementary professional services and office space, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime for entrepreneurs.

    Regulatory Reform. Let's make it easier to retain and attract business here; reform SEQRA and our tax structure, and provide mandate relief. 

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Blueprint also is leading the charge for infrastructure modernization – our office buildings need to accommodate a wireless world, business needs energy, and we need state-of-the-art transportation; and aggressive marketing of our county and its cities, in particular.

    To read the Empire Center report on the graying of NY, click here. For more about the Blueprint for Westchester or to apply to the Blueprint Accelerator Network, click here. Then, join us!

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