• Living in the Cloud, Not Under It


  • Tech Talk Offers Tips for Operating Businesses in a Mobile World

  • BYOD. No, that’s not a misprint. It means Bring Your Own Device, which is not just good advice, it pretty much sums up how we do business today (or should) – from remote locations, 24/7. And that means... 

    ...we’re relying more and more on mobile technology, and need access to files when away from our office computers. At “Running Your Business in a Mobile World,” five tech-savvy businessmen and innovators explained at this WCA Lunch & Learn program` how and why operating in the cloud not only saves time and money, but it gives small to medium size companies "as much clout as larger ones." Today, using third party technology, companies can use cloud computing for financial planning, sales applications, business intelligence, contract management systems, and storing legal documents, among other things.

    A few tips from the experts:

    1. Consider backing up your files to the cloud. But do your homework and select the most reputable service.
    2. By storing your files in the cloud, you can get to them anywhere, anytime. You just need a good Internet connection.
    3. Make sure all your mobile devices are password protected. That mean's your iPhone and Blackberry! 
    4. Enable encryption on your hard drive. If your laptop is stolen, your hard drive can be removed. But if your data are encrypted, the information on that drive will become inaccessible to the thief.
    5. When you send via email a document or confidential memo to a client, send it as a PDF file. That way, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to make unauthorized changes to the document.
    6. Consult tech experts about cloud computing. They’ll steer you in the right direction.

    The panel discussion was moderated by Anton Hios, vice president, Executive Programs, Uptime Institute. The panelists were Greg Briggs, technical advisor, Microsoft; Rob Kissner, president, The Digital Arts Experience; John Nunes, chief information officer and partner, Compufit; and James Oliverio, president, Another 9. This Lunch & Learn program was sponsored by Mahopac National Bank, Provident Bank, and Mercy College.

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