• Recruit Westchester Showcases More Than Just Local Talent


  • First-ever collaborative job and internship fair offers 3,000+ reasons to take root in Westchester

  • When businesses choose where to locate or relocate their operations, a critical factor is the local talent pool. Fortunately, through the area’s first-ever collaborative job and internship fair -- Recruit Westchester -- the WCA and its partners demonstrated that when it comes to site selection, Westchester County deserves a close look...

    Over 3,000 job-seekers vied for 1,000+ opportunities at Recruit Westchester on 10/26
    ...Recruit Westchester brought together more than 3,000 students and alumni from 14 local colleges and universities with 100+ potential employers ranging from CVS Pharmacy to NBC Universal. The unprecedented October 26 event also showcased Westchester’s biggest assets -- a highly educated workforce, a collaborative and business-minded higher education community, and a growing economy. 

    According to Marissa Brett, WCAs executive director of Economic Development, Recruit Westchester was step one, the first outcome of the historic Memorandum of Understanding facilitated by thBLUEPRINT for Westchester between the presidents of 14 local institutions of higher learning last springThrough our collaboration, we are helping streamline the process for employers and job seekers to fill over 1,000 job and internship opportunities,” Brett noted.

    Recruit Westchester received high marks from the thousands of job-seekers who attended the event at the Tarrytown Marriott. “This is my first (job fair). It’s a little intimidating,” said Darlene Garcia, a Manhattanville College alumna looking to change careers. “It just kind of works for me to have everything together in one place rather than search online for every different company. It’s one place, one time.”

    “We had so many employers that had to be wait-listed,” said Brett. “This is a true testament to the fact there are job opportunities out there. We’re going to have to make it bigger next year!”

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