• Westchester's International Players Dig Deep Into Free Trade Agreements at WCA Forum


  • U.S. Official: 'It Matters If A Country Signs A Free Trade Agreement'

  • On Friday, November 30, WCA's World Trade Council presented "Doing Business Overseas," which shed light on the many advantages to US companies of doing business abroad when they avail themselves...

    (L-R) Bennett Harman, Office of the US Trade Representative for Latin America; Helena Sullivan, Esq., Barnes, Richardson & Colburn; Erica Martinson, The Rollins Agency, and chair of the WCA World Trade Council; Travis Cook, LCB, American River Logistics; and Gracie Zhao, Esq., GMZ International Development, Inc., at a forum organized by the Westchester County Association's World Trade Council in Valhalla, New York.

    ... of US free trade agreements. At present, the United States has 23 free trade agreements in place.

    The object of the agreements is to spur economic development. "Lowering trade barriers benefits everyone," said Gracie Zhao, Esq., who moderated the panel. "It matters if your company is accepted into the free trade program," noted Barnett Harman from the Office of the US Trade Representative for Latin America. "It's the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval." He also pointed out that the trade agreements guarantee binding arbitration, regulatory transparency, vehicle safety standards, intellectual property protection, environmental standards, and other protections. 

    The event took place at Westchester Community College's Gateway Center.

    Event photos:

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