• The Race for Westchester County Executive Now a Battle Between Astorino and Bramson


  • Nonpartisan Westchester County Association to Give Both the Opportunity to Make Their Case at Future Events

  • With Noam Bramson (D) receiving his party's nod early this morning, it is clear that the race for County Executive will be highly competitive. And to help voters make an informed decision, the Westchester County Association, the county's preeminent business organization, will afford both current CE Rob Astorino (R) and Bramson, Mayor of New Rochelle, the opportunity to...

    ...share their views on the issues at future Political Fridays, forums, and debates that the Westchester County Association presents. The WCA traditionally is nonpartisan, citing good governance, business growth, and economic vitality and development as its core values.

    "We look forward to what is shaping up to be one of the most interesting races for County Executive in decades," said Bill Mooney, president of the Westchester County Association. "Our job will be to ask hard questions of both candidates, and to advocate for our members' and the county's best interests."

    It is anticipated that Astorino will run on a platform citing his record of avoiding tax increases, maintaining the county's Triple A credit rating and essential services. Bramson is expected to stress economic development, strengthening public services, sustainability, and reforming government to eliminate waste.  

    But the proof is in the pudding. Stay tuned as we bring you updates on the campaign and the issues that are important to both voters in Westchester County and members of the Westchester County Association.

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