• What Do Silicon Valley, the Research Triangle, and Westchester County Have in Common?


  • Office Parks Begin to Sprout Apartments, Shops, Cafes, and Other Amenities

  • The announcement last month by Robert Weisz that he would seek approval to turn part of the 1133 Westchester Avenue office campus into 
    residential housing units, affordable for young professionals, is more than a hats-off for the Westchester County Association's BLUEPRINT for Westchester...

    Rendering:  What Corporate Park Drive could look like with The BLUEPRINT's Work. Live. Play! initiative.
    ...which pioneered the concept of Work. Live. Play! in Westchester. It also mirrors a strategy that's fast becoming evident in key locations throughout the country.

    The article "Office Parks Get a Makeover," which appeared in the May 22 issue of the Wall Street Journal, points out that municipalities are re-thinking their office parks and granting approvals for mixed use development to stave off suburban blight. Even in hot spots like Silicon Valley and the Research Triangle, office building campuses are now sprouting apartments and condos, biking trails, caf├ęs, pedestrian networks, hotels and retail. And office buildings themselves are undergoing makeovers to adjust to our high tech world.

    Read all about it here.

    This exciting new strategy and others will be on the agenda at our upcoming "Rethinking Westchester: Blueprint for Smart Growth" conference on Friday, June 21. With nationally-renowned keynoters and panelists, it's a don't miss. 

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