• SPECIAL STATEMENT: White House Decision to Delay ACA's Employer Healthcare Mandate Gives Business 'A Fighting Chance'


  • Rule Delayed Until 2015 Gives Additional Time to Review Thousands of Pages of New Federal Regulations

  • Amy Allen, managing director of Advocacy and International Trade, who also heads the Healthcare Consortium for the Westchester County Association, Westchester’s preeminent business organization, released the following...

    ...statement today regarding the White House’s decision to delay the Affordable Care Act’s employer healthcare mandate until 2015:

    “The delay of the employer healthcare mandate is very good news for the business community and completely validates our position that the new law and its regulations are unclear.

    “Business does not like uncertainty, and there is plenty of confusion to go around. The Affordable Care Act law is thousands of pages long. On top of that, there are several thousand more pages of regulations from the IRS, Department of Labor, and other agencies that business will have to comply with. 

    "The business community needed a fighting chance, and today the White House gave it to them.”

    The Westchester County Association will continue to offer in-depth seminars on the Affordable Care Act for the entire business community.

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