• Heat-Related Power Outages Prove We Need to Keep Indian Point Open and Operating


  • Blackouts and Brownouts Are Disasters in a Hi-Tech World

  • When the lights went out last week in Westchester during the heat wave, we got a glimpse of what life might be like if Indian Point Energy Center is not re-licensed. Power usage in the Con Edison service area reached an all-time high of 13,214 megawatts (MW), breaking a previous record of 13,189 MW set only last year. Indian Point generates 1,000 MW. 

    Workers address outages in Westchester. (File)

    Westchester’s energy requirements will only grow. As noted by experts at last month’s Rethinking Westchester conference, the number of power-hungry wireless devices is increasing exponentially. More devices – smart phones, tablets, computers – mean more demands on the power grid. With an improving economy and increased hiring, demand will rise even more. 

    High energy costs and energy disruptions are big problems for business and industry. Blackouts and brownouts are disasters in an information economy. In Westchester, a volatile and high-priced energy supply undermines our economic development and job creation efforts, as well as our ability to compete nationally and globally.

    That’s why Indian Point’s re-licensing and continued operation is vital to Westchester’s economic growth. We can’t predict the weather and its impact on the power grid, but we believe a re-licensed Indian Point will provide Westchester with dependable power to help us meet our burgeoning energy needs. 

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