• 'NY State of Health' Benefits Marketplace Announced Today


  • While she didn’t say the title of Billy Joel’s touchstone song “New York State of Mind” served as inspiration, Donna Friscatore, executive director of the New York Health Benefits Exchange announced this morning that the exchange’s new name and brand is New York State of Health (www.nystateofhealth.ny.gov)...

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    At a live Webcast today, Donna Friscatore, executive director of New York Health Benefits Exchange announced the exchange's new name: New York State of Health.

    Appearing with Friscatore In a live webcast, Leo Mamorsky, Group Account Director of DDB Worldwide, which created the brand, said the goal was to create an “emotional, not just a functional” connection to the consumer, and convey the brand “value” that the exchange is a “trusted friend in everyone’s life that provides knowledge, support, and candor.” Well, as we continue to wait for NYS to reveal exactly what are the plan designs for the products offered in the marketplace, we hope the exchange takes its brand value to heart. We also can guess why the webcast didn’t include the YouTube link to a Joel performance of the song. That cigarette dangling from the singer’s lips isn’t so healthy. 

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