• Why the WCA Supports Prop 1


  • Sanctioning New Casinos Keeps Gaming Dollars in New York

  • On November 5th, Westchester County business leaders and voters are going to have a choice. Proposal #1, which will authorize four new casinos in upstate New York, is going to bring more than $430 million a year to our state, and more than $6 million a year to Westchester County. 

    That is money that is going to help improve our schools, ease the burden of property taxes, and contribute to the fiscal health of New York State. Right now, New Yorkers spend more than $1.2 billion a year at casinos in states all around us. That is money they should be spending hear at home, boosting local economies and investing locally. But because these states, like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey long ago made the decision to have extended casino gaming, they are reaping the benefits. 

    Proposal #1 will change that. It is not just going to improve our schools and reduce property tax rates, it is going to make our state more competitive. That is going to improve the economy, lead to job creation and investment.

    Voting yes on Proposal #1 is a no-brainer for us here at the Westchester County Association, and we hope that approval of this Proposal will lead to expansion of gaming facilities at Empire City Casino in Westchester County. We encourage you and your associates to do the same on November 5th. 

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