• Mercy College Offers Tuition Discount to Suburban Hospital Employees


  • Partnership a Product of WCA Healthcare Consortium Collaboration

  • Hospital employees in the region will soon be able to take undergraduate and graduate courses at Mercy College at a 15 percent discount, as a result of a new partnership between Mercy, the Dobbs Ferry-based college, and the Suburban Hospital Alliance, both members of the Westchester County Association Healthcare Consortium. The Suburban Hospital Alliance represents 51 hospitals throughout Westchester County, and in several other counties across the Lower Hudson Valley...

    “This is a terrific example of a leading higher education institution doing its part to educate current and future healthcare providers,” said Amy Allen, the WCA’s Director of Advocacy and International Business. “We’re thrilled that the collaboration was spurred by the healthcare consortium—which was designed to bring together stakeholders to create unique solutions among the business and healthcare communities.”

    Kevin Dahill, president and CEO of the Suburban Hospital Alliance, said the “changing dynamics of health care delivery and payment require a highly-skilled and educated workforce [that can provide] preventive type care and more complex, acute services.”

    The WCA Healthcare Consortium includes more than 50 WCA members and leaders representing the healthcare, business, academic, and insurance sectors, working together to manage the tidal wave of change in the wake of healthcare reform. 

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