• City of New Rochelle Growth Strategies Aligned with BLUEPRINT for Westchester


  • Mixed-Use Development Clusters and Work.Live.Play Concepts on the Agenda

  • The City of New Rochelle is poised for transformative growth, according to Mayor Noam Bramson, who outlined his plans for re-development during his annual State of the City address on March 20. Plans include new 2,000 new apartments, 500,000 square feet of office and medical space, and 1.5 million square feet of office and medical space, according to a report by the Westchester Business Journal. The plans also call for working with a master developer, allowing the city to take a comprehensive approach in planning for the future.

    “This is no timid, incremental step,” Bramson stated. “This is a bold stroke from an ambitious city that is determined to take charge of its own future.”

    The city is considering mixed-used development clusters around the transit, downtown, and waterfront areas designed to spur economic development with convenient places to live, shop, eat, and travel to work—the kind of development long-supported by the BLUEPRINT for Westchester, the WCAs aggressive economic development initiative driven by the private sector.

    “New Rochelle is ambitious,” said Marissa Brett, WCAs executive director of economic development. “We’re thrilled to see this kind of planning—which will not only create jobs and improve Westchester’s economy, but provide affordable residential options and lively recreation for young professionals who want to be near their jobs in Westchester. Housing and amenities are competitive recruiting tools for businesses looking to grow in this county.”

    In his speech, Mayor Bramson called New Rochelle a “great catch” for developers.

    Brett agreed who points out that the BLUEPRINT Steering Committee is “working closely with our municipal partners to revitalize economic development in the county. We are thrilled that New Rochelle is on the way!”

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