• Researchers Target Cancer, Neurological Diseases with Cutting Edge Medicine

  • JUNE 27, 2014

  • New Programs Signal Westchester County's Emergence as a Health Innovation Hub

  • Health innovation is huge news in Westchester County. In recent weeks, we’ve heard about new investigative research for advanced-stage breast cancer taking place at Northern Westchester Hospital; revolutionary work at the new Montefiore Einstein Center for the Aging Brain that’s changing our understanding of how degenerative dementia and other age-related neurological diseases begin; and, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals announced positive results for drug trials involving patients affected by rheumatoid arthritis. This is but the tip of the iceberg, according to WCA president, Marissa Brett.

    “These breakthroughs are a signal that Westchester County—already home to some of the top scientific minds and finest medical and biotech institutions in the world—is seeing huge growth in health innovation,” she said. “The WCA will continue to work with the leaders of these organizations, and municipalities and business leaders, to accelerate growth in Westchester and the region.”

    Clinical trials also offer benefits to local residents, according to Dr. Jonathan Goldberg, medical oncologist at Mount Kisco Medical Group and medical director of cancer clinical trials at Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH), where a new drug trial for advanced stage breast cancer was just announced.

    “We are able to provide patients with leading-edge care and access to investigational cancer drugs without having to travel outside of our community,” he told the Westchester County Business Journal.

    At the new Montefiore Einstein Center for the Aging Brain, located in Yonkers, doctors are taking an interdisciplinary approach to understanding neurological disorders that affect the elderly. Anticipating a growing demand for treatment for dementia and other cognitive disorders, especially as residents of the county and region age, doctors opened the center in June intending to provide patient care while conducting “pioneering research,” according to the center’s website.

    The bottom line? This is all great news for the county, its residents, and anyone looking to relocate or start a business here, said Brett. “We have access to the best medical care, latest investigative research, and newest biotech discoveries. It’s really happening in Westchester.” 

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