• How Can Big Data Help You Make Better Business Decisions?

  • OCTOBER 22, 2014

  • Join the WCA for a Twitter Chat on November 18!

  • Business leaders today need to know how to harness data in order to gain insights about their business, engage their customers, and make better decisions for the future. The Westchester County Association will present a Twitter Chat Nov. 18, led by John Lucker, Deloitte’s Global Advanced Analytics & Modeling Market Leader, designed to give businesses in Westchester and beyond a leg up on how to best use data to inform a company’s next steps and strategic plans...

    #WCAData TweetChat
    Tues. Nov. 18, 12:30 - 1:15 p.m.

    Our Twitter Chat is for all businesses interested in Big Data applications, regardless of industry.

    Questions will include: 

    • What is big data? Why should my company care?
    • Are certain industries ahead of the big data curve? Which ones and why?
    • What talent is needed within the organization to handle big data analytics? 
    • Privacy and security are always hot topics for business. What privacy issues come into play with big data? 
    • Westchester County has a $15 billion healthcare & life science sector. Can you discuss applications in healthcare, such as predictive modeling? 
    • How can social media data and analytics be used to better understand the marketplace?  
    Do you have a question that's not on this list? Email jdinardi@westchester.org, and we'll add it to our list! 

    Our guest host, John Lucker, has developed numerous individual advanced analytic business solutions and methods as well as the technical implementation tools to realize the latent value of the solutions. He often speaks about these topics for industry and professional organizations and writes frequently for a variety of publications. He is a co-inventor of four predictive modeling patents and two pending patents. He holds a BA and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

    The event is free and pre-registration is not necessary.

    Top tips for participating in our #TwitterChat!

    Some best-practice suggestions to be actively engaged in our #WCAData #TwitterChat on November 18th:

    • Use a site such as twubs.com so that you can easily follow along with the conversation—you can sign up using your Twitter account information
    • Questions and Answers will start with Q1, Q2 / A1, A2 to keep the conversation easy to follow
    • Don't forget to include #WCAData in all of your tweets so that they appear in our conversation
    A transcript from the chat will be available on our website following the event.

    For more information, contact Joelle DiNardi at jdinardi@westchester.org.

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