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  • Westchester anchors BioHud Valley with high-quality workforce

  • Biotech is the future of healthcare and it's right here in Westchester. With New York State's desire to attract more business and commitment to provide more incentives, we are well on our way...

    Students will soon conduct cutting-edge biotechnology research at New York Medical College in Westchester County. Credit: UC

    In November, New York Medical College received a $4 million incentive package to develop a biotech incubator. You can expect more to come. That's because Westchester has quite a few "natural resources" to attract growth:
    • Brainpower. We've got a highly educated workforce as well as the resources of thirteen colleges and universities in the county;
    • Industry. Healthcare is the leading industry (an $8.5 billion industry) in Westchester. Biotech leaders such as Regeneron and HistoGenetics are headquartered here; likes attract;  
    • Dollars. Westchester affords proximity to the centers of finance and its elected officials are aggressively offering public incentives;
    • Zoning flexibility. Local government is showing interest in reforming SEQRA to speed the approval process on new projects;
    • Entrepreneurial spirit. Biotech is an attractive economic engine and we are committed to building the next generation of medical advances.

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