• Why We're Supporting FASNY'S Redevelopment Plans


  • Repurposing Assets, a Cornerstone of 'The Blueprint'

  • Tuesday, WCA's Board of Directors resolved to support the French-American School of New York's (FASNY) redevelopment plans to repurpose the former Ridgeway Golf Club in White Plains into a modern international school with a significant plan to maintain the site's open space.  The plan calls for...

    Rendering: The proposed French-American School of New York in White Plains
    developing additional school buildings, practice fields, and a nature trail that's publicly-accessible. By repurposing and redeveloping the abandoned site, FASNY will be able to serve its constituency more effectively by supplying a larger school that foreign investors and the wider community is demanding. The project will bring 108 new jobs to White Plains and is estimated to throw off $108 million in revenue.

    "As the BLUEPRINT for Westchester (WCA's major economic development plan) seeks to attract foreign investment to the county, it's critical that Westchester grows its current cultural and educational infrastructure to support the employees and their families who would be moving here from around the globe," says Marissa Brett, Executive Director of Economic Development for the WCA. 

    The school is working with a consultant to mitigate traffic congestion.

    Updated information as of June 7, 2012 from The White Plains Examiner

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