• WCA's Hudson Valley Workforce Academy Offers Next Course to Upgrade Employee Skills

  • MAY 27, 2015

  • Registration Open for 'Customer Satisfaction and Service Excellence,' Course Begins June 10

  • The Westchester County Association announced that registration is open for Customer Satisfaction and Service Excellence, the second in a series of courses offered by the Hudson Valley Workforce Academy. The Academy was created by the WCA to ensure that Westchester employers have the best trained workforce possible and to address the critical need for skilled workers and help fill the 2,500+ jobs presently open in the healthcare, technology, and business sectors here. Customer Satisfaction will begin on Wednesday evening, June 10, at 1133 Westchester Avenue, White Plains in the Lobby Level Board Room, from 5 to 7 pm. Upon successful ”graduation,” participants will receive a certificate of completion.

    Good customer service is of vital importance for all businesses, large or small, as customers are the life-blood of any enterprise. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator. “A goal of business should be to understand what the customer regards as quality and then be able to produce and deliver that quality in a consistent, cost-effective manner,” notes Amy Allen, WCA vice president and executive director of the new Academy, which opened this past winter. “And, as any CEO will tell you, customer satisfaction and service excellence are critical to success in all industries. It is often a lot more economical to retain customers than to acquire new ones.”
    She said the new Academy course will focus on building customer loyalty, the customer experience, and leadership to develop an engaged, service-oriented workforce. The goal is to equip participants with the skills and tools needed to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and to consistently deliver service excellence to complement their skills and knowledge. Customer Satisfaction and Service Excellence leverages best practices and industry expertise combined with thought leadership from academic institutions. For further information please contact Amy Allen at aallen@westchester.org or 914-948-6444. Students may register on the WCA website at: http://westchester.org/eventregister.php?event=590.

    “The Hudson Valley Workforce Academy is designed by and for employers, to develop a qualified workforce,” said Ms. Allen. She said the idea was to help better position workers to fill vacant positions, as well as to create jobs and help our regional economy grow. “Employers asked that the Academy offer courses in critical thinking, empathy training, communication, and management, Big Data, and customer service, among other areas. The bottom line is that Westchester wants to attract and retain talent, upgrade the skills of the currently employed, and foster job creation for the unemployed and underemployed.” Healthcare Analytics, the first course offered by the Academy, was sold out.

    Talent development is an essential part of the WCA’s BLUEPRINT for Westchester, its aggressive economic development initiative. The Westchester County Association is widely credited with accelerating economic development in Westchester in recent years through the BLUEPRINT, which among other things fosters strong collaborations with the healthcare, higher education, technology, real estate, municipal governments, and general business communities.

    Hudson Valley Workforce Academy is a result of the WCA’s close collaboration with the healthcare sector, business community, and 16 higher education organizations. The Academy’s certificate-based short-term courses will complement those planned or already in progress at various colleges and universities.

    “Healthcare organizations and business turned to the WCA for a solution to a perennial problem: there are over 2,500 healthcare and technology jobs waiting to be filled in the Hudson Valley, but not enough qualified candidates to fill them,” Ms. Allen explained.
    “The Academy is uniquely positioned to leverage resources from the WCA’s higher education consortium, as well as private sector subject matter experts, to conduct classes.”

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