• WCA Issues 2015 Economic Update

  • NOVEMBER 12, 2015

  • BLUEPRINT Vision Coming to Fruition!

  • When a Realtor tells you a house has “good bones,” it means the house is well structured. It may need a little work, but you have a solid framework on which
    to build. Well, Westchester has great bones. And the building has begun in earnest. By our rough count, more than 50 major real estate projects have been proposed, started, or recently completed in the county.

    Donwload a copy of our economic update, Frontline 2015.

    And many of these projects are ambitious! Investors are financing large mixeduse developments with apartments, shops, office space, and hotels, knowing that if they build it, the population will come. Our BLUEPRINT for
    Westchester’s vision of creating vibrant Work.Live.Play. communities is coming to fruition. Now, Westchester can attract millennials and knowledge workers who are in high demand today, as well as the companies eager to employ them.

    This is the renaissance the Westchester County Association had in mind when we launched the BLUEPRINT for Westchester economic development initiative in 2011. But there’s more work to be done, particularly in supporting job-creating industry sectors, such as biotech and healthcare, with a skilled workforce.

    So, we continue to work on new initiatives: establishing an engineering program in the county; launching the Hudson Valley Workforce Academy to teach employees new skills, thereby creating the type of workforce needed today; and enhancing the Accelerate Westchester program to support entrepreneurial companies and fill empty commercial space. The bottom line is we are intently building a framework to attract, grow, and retain more businesses in our region.

    Fortunately, the county’s timeless fundamentals appeal to residents and businesses alike. Westchester is the sweet spot where lifestyle, economics, convenience, and quality of life converge. Our lively cities and villages are a great alternative to overpriced and congested NYC living, but we also offer easy access to New York. We have Class A office space available at a fraction of the cost in New York City. The beauty of the Hudson River and the Long Island Sound; the diversity of our population; the quality of our schools, and ample parkland—these are attributes that make it a pleasure to work, live, and play in beautiful Westchester County.

    Yes, our future is very bright. We can feel it in our bones!

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