• WCA Efforts Begin Attracting Millennials to Westchester County


  • The Creation of 'Millennial Villages' Key to our BLUEPRINT for Westchester

  • Attracting millennials – our future clients, employees, and employers – is key to The BLUEPRINT for Westchester's growth strategy for the county. The work that we've done is starting to pay off. Older millennials are moving here, buying...

    ...houses and it’s no surprise. Millennials like our lifestyle – good transportation into New York City, excellent recreation, natural beauty, good schools (for their children), and diversity. They are embracing the concept of our urban ‘burbs, meaning that Westchester isn’t just about horses and mowing lawns. It’s also about vibrant arts and sports, dining, and environment.

    We have six cities that are in various stages of revitalization, three of which are particularity active – New Rochelle, Yonkers, and White Plains – where builders in Westchester are responding to a pent–up demand for apartment rentals as prices skyrocket in Manhattan and Brooklyn and millennials and others realize that there’s life outside of the city. The current apartment vacancy rate (as of 2015) is 2.8%, with luxury housing in the lead.

    We also have a booming biotech/healthtech sector, another attraction for techies and those who are part of the “New Economy.”

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