• Did the County Just Dodge a Major Bullet?


  • An uptick in property values may promise to help to fill the county's coffers after the bi-partisan compromise budget for 2016 left Westchester teetering on the brink of losing its coveted AAA bond rating. WCA is keeping a sharp eye on the... 

    ...county’s finances and practices, warning that it is not prudent to rely on the Reserve Fund to cover operating expenses. Further, the WCA doesn’t think the new budget addresses the systematic issues of pensions, healthcare costs, future borrowing, and overly-optimistic projection of revenue from sales tax. The fact is, business is undergoing change, brought on by technology. More and more people are making their purchases online, rather than heading to the malls.

    The bottom line is that the WCA will keep a sharp eye on what occurs in 2016, and act like a very vocal watchdog. To that end, we’re assembling a task force to ensure we create an environment that enables Westchester to be a good place to attract and retain business. 

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