• WCA is Retraining the Workforce for the New Economy


  • As our BLUEPRINT effort focus on developing Westchester’s New Economy, many new kinds of jobs are emerging. Problem is, there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill them. So, we're retraining the workforce, both through...

    ....our Workforce Academy and as project managers for the Ready to Work federal grant, secured by Westchester County, which makes possible the retaining of 500 long-term unemployed people throughout the Hudson Valley. We've held job training boot camps in White Plains and in Poughkeepsie, with future boot camps to follow in 7 counties throughout the Hudson Valley, to help those people acquire the in-demand skills needed, in the healthcare sector. 

    Regional healthcare employers and the WCA are working closely to identify the needs of those employers and match those with the newly-acquired skills of the unemployed.

    As of last week, ten of those who attended our boot camps secured employment.

    The WCA is also offering courses at its Workforce Academy so those who are currently employed can keep up with the demands of the New Economy. Courses are offeredin Big Data, analytics, health informatics, customer satisfaction, and others. For further information, contact Amy Allen at aallen@westchester.org or call 914-948-6444

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