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  • Malpractice Rates Force Docs to Close Up Shop in New York

  • Right out of the gate, WCA's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Healthcare Reform is addressing a major issue: physician flight.  As doctors in Westchester begin to retire (the average age is now 52), the next generation of physicians is not... 

    Dr. Ken Davis talks tort reform at WCA's Social Media Center

    moving in. In fact, it's just the opposite.  Many young doctors are coming to our region to receive the top medical training in the nation (New York educates about 15-20% of them), but quickly hang their shingles in other states like Texas and North Carolina where rates for medical malpractice insurance are more reasonable, and the cost of living is far less.  

    Today, New York State has six counties without a single OB/GYN. Women are forced either to travel long distances for quality medical care, or turn to their primary care doctors for specialized care. 

    Physicians claim that the culprit is the astronomical cost of medical malpractice insurance, which has grown 140% in New York State in recent years compared to 31% elsewhere in the nation. Tort reform will be on the agenda this year for WCA's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Healthcare Reform Committee.  

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