• New Rochelle Shows Bold Vision

  • MARCH 04, 2016

  • Thriving City Center Is Key to Strong Regional Economy, Bramson Says

  • In his State of the City address, Mayor Noam Bramson pledged to implement his city’s visionary plan, the most ambitious downtown development plan in Westchester and the region. He and members of the City Council unveiled developer RDRXR's plans for a 28-story, mixed-use development in downtown New Rochelle, the first of many new projects to be constructed there in the near future. He also announced part of the City of New Rochelle’s master plan to transform the city into a dynamic urban center.... 

    RXR New Roc
    According to the Mayor, New Rochelle is in a strong financial position. It has the fourth-lowest tax rate in New York State, the highest fund balance in eight years, and the best bond rating “since FDR was in the White House.” The city also boasts a flexible zoning code (the code allows for multi-faceted uses on diverse sites), and expedited approval process for new projects (environmental impact statements are already complete for the entire redevelopment zone) as key reasons for the city’s competitive edge.

    “There has never been a clearer path to doing business successfully in New Rochelle,” he said. “New Rochelle has a shovel-ready development framework [in place]…the best location, the best transit options, and when Penn Station access is completed, a direct connection to the east and west sides of Manhattan... Put it together, and from every perspective, this is the most exciting development opportunity in the entire region – maybe one of the best in America.”

    New Rochelle is a key new growth area in Westchester, and, as the cost of business goes up in New York City, a key player in the regional economy, notes Bill Mooney, WCA President and CEO.

    “The city’s plans are significant and emblematic of the economic development activity taking place across Westchester County,” said Bill Mooney. “They’re creating places for people to live, shop, eat, work and play, attracting new businesses and young professionals. We applaud Mayor Bramson’s holistic approach—one we’ve long advocated for through our aggressive BLUEPRINT for Westchester campaign to spur economic vitality in Westchester.” 

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