• ACA Repeal May Be on the Front Burner Again


  • WCA's All Access Healthcare Meeting Packed as Kevin Dahill Delivers ACA Updates

  • So, you thought the Affordable Care Act was safe for now? Wrong! According to Kevin Dahill, EVP of the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS), there are now taking place new “energized discussions between the Freedom Caucus and the White House to get a bill back on the floor of Congress this week. Dahill spoke at a WCA All Access Healthcare meeting yesterday that was packed with hospital and other healthcare executives and business leaders. “

    Dahill noted that if the Administration wants to do tax reform, they’ve got to find a way to pay for it, “so the ACA is back on the table. This would set the stage for a major tax package later.”
    The proposed changes could include converting subsidies to tax credits, eliminating individual and employer mandate penalties, allowing insurers to charge older individuals higher premiums, dramatically reducing federal support for Medicaid, among other things.

    “About one dollar out of every six is spent on healthcare in the United States through Medicaid,” he said. “81 million Americans are covered by Medicaid. In New York State, 79% of Medicaid spending is for care of the elderly and disabled. Medicaid in New York State is a big part of our economy. Major cuts will have a huge impact on every business and resident as the proposed Medicaid cuts by the federal government will need to be funded by taxpayers and businesses.

    In addition, repeal will set us back and all the good that came out of the ACA – population health, cost-savings, efficiency, millions more insured, will be hurt. People will start showing up at emergency rooms for their care once again. We’d be in real danger of going backwards.”
    Should the ACA be repealed? “No, repair it,” Dahill said. Bill Mooney, President and CEO of the WCA commented that “in Westchester, our infrastructure is healthcare. Here, it’s a $15 billion industry, employing 50,000 people. If they repeal the act, everybody will be impacted. People in our community will suffer. We must become activists, rally around the flag; get back the Suburban Alliance and put up a fight.” Do you have ideas how to do that? Join the conversation; e-mail Amy Allen at aallen@westchester.org

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