• Astorino: 'We Have to Tackle Pension Reform Now'

  • JANUARY 12, 2012 | COUNTY GOV'T

  • County Executive Delivers 'State of the County' Address at WCA Breakfast

  • County Executive Rob Astorino delivered his State of the County Address at Thursday's Westchester County Association Breakfast....

    County Executive Rob Astorino delivers his annual "State of the County" Address at the WCA County Executive Breakfast.  More photos at: Jan. 12, 2012: County Executive Breakfast
    The packed crowd of over 400 businesspeople and community leaders listened intently as Mr. Astorino, a Republican, described how he seeks to work more closely with the majority-democrat legislature, drive further economic development, and cut taxes and spending.  

    When asked about how he'd protect Westchester County from State-level unfunded mandates, Mr. Astorino said: "We have to tackle pension reform now. I will speak out, I will ask the Westchester County Association for help; we need to be vocal together." 

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    Phil Benza | January 12, 2012 | 04:36 pm

    We invite Rob to join the Call to Action Committee when we visit Albany to call for Mandate Relief especially for schools and ask the Governor to help the school districts with healthcare and pension reform.

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