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Business Insights: Innovations in COVID Research & Beyond
A spotlight on medical research initiatives in our region.
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Business Insights: Leveraging the Regional Media Landscape
Join media experts as they discuss how to understand and leverage the regional media landscape to promote your business.
An Inside Look into Our Digital Connectivity
Best Practices for Reopening Westchester Part IV
This event will focus on how the reopening will include further integration and upgrades in our technology in schools, retail, healthcare sector, and a growing remote workforce.
In-Depth Look at Non-Profit Resources for Business Community
Best Practices for Reopening Westchester Part III
Get key insights on non-profit resources that are available for your business to help reopen successfully and safely.
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Maximizing Safety and Mitigating Risk of COVID-19 In The Office
In this important video chat, experts will give key insights to help you maximize the safety of employees and visitors in your office, and mitigate the COVID-19 risks for your company. 
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Career Chat: NY Regional Census Center
1,900 Census 2020 jobs are available right here in Westchester! Join in this live Career Chat to learn about these job opportunities and how you can apply!
What to Expect When Returning to Your Office
Best Practices for Reopening Westchester Part II
Hear from commercial real estate experts and landlords about the options for workplace solutions, facility upgrades, cleaning regimens, and the tenant impact.
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New York's 17th Congressional District Candidate Forums
Meet the Democratic candidates running for the 17th Congressional District seat!
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Best Practices for Real Estate Planning & Development Virtual Public Hearings
Hear tips and best practices for "the new normal" real estate planning and development meeting or public hearing!
Creating Safe & Healthy Working Conditions
Best Practices for Reopening Westchester
Join a panel of experts as they share best practices on ensuring that the working environment is clean, policies and procedures are in place for screening and testing employees for COVID-19, and that sufficient supplies of PPE and other measures are in place to protect the health of employees.