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Decarbonize with Resilience: A Guide for New York Hospitals

Program Name: Decarbonize with Resilience: A Guide for New York Hospitals
Program Sponsor: New York Health Protocol
Program Type:          Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response
Fuel:                        Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:  Hospitals in New York State
Cost: Free


Decarbonize with Resilience: A Guide for New York Hospitals is a comprehensive resource for healthcare facilities in New York. This guide provides insights and strategies to reduce carbon emissions while enhancing resilience to climate-related challenges. It offers hospitals a guide to optimize energy usage, implement renewable energy sources, and fortify infrastructure against climate impacts. By providing a framework regarding sustainability and resilience, the guide helps hospitals deliver care more efficiently and sustainably.


Hospitals within New York State are eligible.

How the Program Works

The Decarbonize with Resilience Guide instructs hospitals to establish an eight-step plan:

  • Step One: Designate an initiative leader who will orchestrate the project and champion it at the executive level of the organization.
  • Step Two: Understand the regulatory landscape. This involves knowing what the hospital’s obligations are within the current regulatory landscape and what regulations may affect the institution in the future.
  • Step Three: Establish baselines to assess the current state of the facility’s portfolio and its supporting infrastructure, status on the road to decarbonization, and how it compares to other institutions taking on the same decarbonization efforts.
  • Step Four: Gather a team to build a plan, secure necessary approvals, and successfully implement and maintain the strategy over time.
  • Step Five: Set the project’s vision and work with the team to establish a pathway to get to the project’s vision.
  • Step Six: Secure funding by exploring options to cost-effectively implement the strategy.
  • Step Seven: Implement the plan.
  • Step Eight: Measure and verify the results of the project to track progress and report the results to stakeholders and the media.

How to Apply

No application necessary. A pledge can be signed here and then sent to

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