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Westchester has never been better positioned for growth. How is the WCA ensuring the county capitalizes on its tremendous potential?

Advocating for Smart Growth

From millennials to empty nesters and startups to Fortune 500 companies, people want to be in Westchester – and developers are responding with dynamic transit-oriented and mixed use projects that are creating new housing, jobs, and revenue. But antiquated land use regulations, confusing approval processes and a lack of resources in many municipalities have kept the county from reaching its full potential.

Keeping Westchester Moving

Driven by an experienced Real Estate & Housing Task Force that includes leading developers, brokers, land use attorneys, architects and planning consultants, the WCA is the foremost advocate for smart growth in Westchester County. The WCA’s advocacy for its members’ projects has helped win approval for billions of dollars in economic development initiatives, and its efforts to streamline the public review process and educate municipal officials are paving the way for a new wave of smart growth.

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Programs and Results
To spur economic development throughout the region, the WCA created a resource to design, validate and deploy land use policies and strategies to streamline and improve the planning, zoning and approval processes across municipalities in the county.
WCA, along with its partners will implement a variety of strategies to roll-out the Playbook including workshops, meetings, public relations, and other promotional events. WCA will work with communities to evaluate whether their actions are market realistic and contain adequate financial incentives.
Each year, the WCA brings together the region’s top leaders in commercial and residential real estate.
Advocating for Smart Development
A hallmark of the WCA is advocating for smart development in various communities across Westchester. WCA builds coalitions and regularly attends community hearings and public forums providing support for new and innovative projects.
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