Healthcare Consortium

Proximity to world-class hospitals and health facilities is a key business and talent driver. The WCA connects the regional healthcare sector and the rest of the professional and political community.
A Complex Ecosystem

The WCA has long served to connect this key economic sector with the rest of the professional and political community. This has positioned the WCA as a critical stakeholder hub to advocate, promote policies, communicate information and provide education and training services.

Programs & Results

Healthcare Employer & Jobseeker Guides

Talent development is a top priority of all healthcare employers. The key to creating a sustainable talent pipeline lies in developing strong regional partnerships between healthcare providers, education and training institutions, and community-based organizations.  We are fortunate to have the resources and partners in our region who are willing to work collaboratively to truly create a locally sourced sustainable talent pipeline.  We have created a Career Guide for Employers and a Career Guide for Jobseekers which provide valuable information on local employers, training providers and career pathways.

Advocacy for a Strong and Vibrant Healthcare System

The WCA’s healthcare advocacy priorities are developed through the work of the WCA Healthcare Consortium, comprised of leaders from world-renowned healthcare systems, physician practices, nursing homes, home care, and related service providers, in partnership with statewide and regional associations such as HANYS, Suburban Hospital Alliance, Greater NY Hospital Association and Iroquois Healthcare Association. The WCA’s healthcare legislative and regulatory priorities include ensuring adequate government funding levels, requiring appropriate reimbursement from public and private payers for all services including telehealth, reining in the oversized market influence of healthcare insurance carriers and requiring them to reinvest back into the communities where they do business (similar to the Community Reinvestment Act within the banking industry), common-sense medical malpractice reform, among others. The work of the WCA Healthcare Consortium supports the growth of bioscience and medical research in our region.

Healthcare Talent Initiative

Healthcare providers are actively assessing their current and future workforce needs and are experiencing an ongoing need for more nurses, nurse assistants, respiratory therapists, lab techs and other clinical and non-clinical positions. The WCA is uniquely positioned to help create a sustainable pipeline of locally educated and trained healthcare talent through our active committees made up of the region’s largest healthcare providers and seventeen area colleges, BOCES and career centers. They collaborate to build this sustainable talent pipeline by aligning curriculum with talent needs, coordinating and increasing availability of clinical training, promoting workforce diversity and inclusion, and developing new funding streams for training and early career support. The WCA Talent Council focuses on nursing specifically and is comprised of chief nursing officers and deans of nursing programs.

Showcasing the Growing Healthcare/Bioscience Nexus

Westchester and the surrounding region will need continued opportunities to showcase its considerable assets while also addressing existing challenges in fulfilling its bioscience aspirations. Access to early stage investment and college level engineering programs are top-level focuses. The WCA, through its existing Healthcare Consortium, will engage with County government, our healthcare systems, the real estate industry, and other stakeholders to advance this agenda.

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