The Healthcare and Life Sciences Ecosystem is the anchor of Westchester’s economy. How is the WCA helping grow this $15 billion industry?

A Complex Ecosystem

A vibrant healthcare industry has helped make Westchester the region’s best place to live, work and play by driving our economy and keeping our families healthy. Now more than ever there is an urgent need to address the regulatory uncertainty and misaligned incentives that threaten to negatively impact healthcare providers, employers, and patients.

Supporting Westchester’s Largest Economic Driver

Through the WCA Healthcare Advisory Board, comprised of leaders from world-renowned healthcare systems and physician practices, the WCA advocates for legislative policies that protect the foundation of our healthcare ecosystem. The WCA also serves to brand the region as a major hub of innovation through its world-class conferences and marketing efforts.

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Programs & Results
WCA’s healthcare advocacy plan was developed with input from those who provide, consume, and pay for healthcare. It represents some key steps that can be taken to reduce the cost of healthcare in our region.
WCA’s All Access Healthcare Forums provide relevant and timely content about key healthcare & life science innovations and initiatives throughout the year.
WCA's Health Tech Conferences showcase Westchester County and the region as a national hub of innovation in healthcare and life sciences.
WCA is a founding member of the Project which brings together researchers, engineers, and data scientists through Roundtables, Webinars, and Events. By stimulating interactions that can lead to fresh partnerships and collaborations, we enhance awareness, knowledge sharing, and broad benefit for this lively community.
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