Workforce Development

Regions that focus on talent and workforce development benefit economically. How is the WCA connecting businesses with talent?

Responding to Emerging Needs

Amidst the pandemic, businesses of all sizes are struggling, and the level of unemployment in Westchester is a critical challenge, with tens of thousands yet to find work. Understanding and responding to the evolving current and future employer needs in our region is key to our economic recovery.

Developing the Talent Pipeline

The WCA focuses on the importance of hiring and investing in employees who add value to the organization, and is uniquely qualified with its strong relationships with employers, colleges and other education/training providers. The WCA understands the essential value of engaging key stakeholders to work together to meet the region’s short- and long-term talent needs.

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Programs & Results
The WCA hosts an annual workforce development summit, bringing together thought leaders and hundreds of key stakeholders to address our region’s recruitment and retention challenges by sharing insights, innovative solutions and best practices.
The Regional Talent Resource Guide includes information on a variety of on-campus and online courses, credentials, degree programs and career services offered by WCA member college/universities. Also included is information regarding vital support services in childcare, transportation, housing and healthcare. Download and view it now!
Workforce Development Committee
Experts from business, higher education, training providers and support services meet and collaborate as members of the WCA’s Workforce Development Committee to develop innovative solutions to our region’s workforce challenges and to create a sustainable workforce ecosystem.
Talent Council Addressing the Regional Nursing Shortage
The Talent Council was formed on the importance of developing a locally sourced talent pipeline for the healthcare sector. It focuses on aligning nursing curriculum with employer needs; coordinating and increasing availability of clinical training for nursing students; and enhancing dual degree opportunities, among others. This high-level council is comprised of chief nursing officers and deans of local colleges and universities.
Healthcare Talent Pipeline Program
The Healthcare Talent Pipeline Program funded by Westchester County will recruit 100 job seekers and employees who will be trained by Westchester Community College and SWBOCES for certified nursing assistants, medical assistant and medical administrative assistant jobs. Participants will also receive computer training from STEM Alliance and job readiness and service excellence training from Leadership Learning Group. Nonprofit Westchester and other nonprofits will assist with recruitment and support services. The employer partners include ENT & Allergy Associates, Westmed/Summit Health, Open Door Family Medical Center and United Hebrew of New Rochelle.
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