Digital Connectivity

Broadband and wireless communications is the means by which we stay connected to our workplaces, schools, healthcare providers, news and entertainment, and each other – as evidenced by the COVID-19 pandemic – where real time video platforms became the norm in work from home, remote learning, and telemedicine environments. But the pandemic has also exacerbated the effects of a long-standing digital divide in our region, where, for example, many children are unable to participate in remote learning due to the lack of device ownership and connectivity.

Advocating and Mobilizing to Bridge the Divide

By advocating for a clear, consistent broadband and wireless infrastructure policy, mobilizing digital technology stakeholders, and forging strategic partnerships, the WCA is advancing efforts to modernize Westchester’s digital infrastructure and help bridge the digital divide.

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Digital connectivity brings concrete results to communities.
Advocacy for a Clear, Consistent Broadband Infrastructure and Digital Connectivity Policy
The WCA is advocating for: the development of a municipal list of do’s and don’ts and municipal codes for the region in cable franchising, fiber and small cell use of public rights of way, federal and state legislation and programs that provide predictable and standardized approaches to the deployment of 5G and broadband infrastructure and that also maintain the current light touch approach to regulation of broadband and wireless service, and support for proposed federal recovery and infrastructure legislation that includes funding for non-rural areas including the Hudson Valley. By partnering with national trade associations like WIA (Wireless Infrastructure Association), CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), and state associations and groups like NYSWA (New York State Wireless Association) and NYers for 5G, we can amplify efforts to build support for local 5G and broadband infrastructure projects.
Digital Technologies Stakeholder Group
By bringing together key stakeholders, organizing content, and initiating new collaborations across sectors where digital connectivity and innovation are a major post-pandemic focus -- including colleges and universities, healthcare, real estate and commercial offices, transportation and smart city applications -- the WCA is the premier venue and clearinghouse for high level education and networking in this area.
Strategic Partnerships
In addition to working with its telecom and technology business members to advance these initiatives, the WCA has built a substantial network of collaborative partners in the region and beyond, including numerous organizations like the STEM Alliance, which recently launched its “Digital Equity Now” Initiative, Nonprofit Westchester, Westchester Library System, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
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