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Advanced Buildings Program

Program Name: Advanced Buildings Program
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA
Program Type:          Rebate/Incentives
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response; Alternative Energy Generation/ Renewables; Technology Neutral (Business Models)
Fuel:                        Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:  Researchers, entrepreneurs, startups, and companies in the building decarbonizing sector
Cost: Varies by project


The Advanced Buildings Program is focused on accelerating the development and commercialization of innovative buildings solutions to enable electrification and decarbonization of buildings. To tackle emissions from buildings, NYSERDA’s Advanced Buildings program has released multiple rounds of Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges funding to help develop energy-efficient building technologies and new business models for New York’s buildings.


Anyone can apply to the NextGen Buildings Innovation Challenges funding opportunity. NYSERDA encouraged university researchers, entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies seeking support to advance new or improved technologies and business models in buildings as well as forward-thinking building owners to apply.

How the Program Works

Most recently, a total of $18 million was made available for Round 7 of the NextGen Building Innovation Challenge to encourage private investment and to advance the next generation of innovative building technologies.

NYSERDA requested proposals focused on:

  • Building Envelope Systems and Components
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Cost Compression
  • Intelligent Buildings, and
  • Thermal storage solutions for HVAC applications

How to Apply

No solicitation is currently open for the NextGen Buildings Innovation Challenges but additional funding rounds are anticipated. When the next Program Opportunity Notice is released for Round 8, that information will be provided here.

Contact Information

Joseph Borowiec
518.862.1090 X3381