Business Energy Pro

Program Name: Business Energy Pro
Program Sponsor: Con Edison (Private Utility)
Program Type:          Rebates
Technology:               Energy Efficiency
Fuel:               Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:                        Located Consolidated Edison Company of New York service territory
Cost:  Cost vary depending on the service provider and technology


This program works to partner businesses with a dedicated energy efficiency service provider who will analyze the business’s smart meter data and provide a custom set of solutions that will optimize business performance and reduce operational costs. The program works with New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and aims to transform the energy efficiency market by using smart meter technology to calculate energy savings.


The program is seeking small or medium commercial customers.

To be eligible, customers must:

  • Be located on Staten Island or in Westchester County.
  • Have an electric and gas Con Edison account with at least 13 months of billing history.
  • Have an online Con Edison account. If not, use the following link to register now.
  • Have a smart meter installed on site.

How the Program Works

First, companies will need to choose an eligible energy efficient service provider, either: Lime energy or Joule Smart. The selected service provider will analyze the business’s smart meter data and provide a custom set of energy solutions to enhance energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. The service provider will then install the equipment and receive payments based on energy savings confirmed by the customer’s smart meter data.

Incentives or financing for the upgrades vary depending on the service provider, however, Con Edison reserves the right to review customer project agreements to ensure customers are protected.

The energy solutions offered include lighting, HVAC optimization and controls, refrigeration, and water heating. There is also a smart building offer which includes upgraded lighting, controls, HVAC, refrigeration, and cloud connectivity.

For more information, visit the Business Energy Pro webpage.

More information can be found here.

Contact Information

Contact Lime Energy:  1-833-208-5962.
Contact JouleSmart: 1-914-646-4016.