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Business Energy Pro

Program Name: Business Energy Pro
Program Sponsor: Con Edison (Private Utility)
Program Type:          Rebates/Incentives
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/Demand Response
Fuel:               Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:                        Located in Consolidated Edison Company of New York service territory
Cost:  Cost varies depending on the service provider and technology


As of 2022, the Business Energy Pro program is no longer running. For further information on how Business Energy Pro innovatively reduced energy costs, visit NYSERDA’s announcements

This program worked to partner businesses with a dedicated energy efficiency service provider who analyzed the business’s smart meter data and provided a custom set of solutions that optimized business performance and reduced operational costs. The program worked with New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and aimed to transform the energy efficiency market by using smart meter technology to calculate energy savings.

Prior Eligibility

The program sought small or medium commercial customers that were:

  • Located on Staten Island or in Westchester County;
  • Had an electric and gas Con Edison account with at least 13 months of billing history;
  • Had an online Con Edison account;
  • Had a smart meter installed on site.