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Carbon Neutral Community Economic Development Program

Program Name: Carbon Neutral Community Economic Development Program
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA
Program Type:          Rebate/Incentives
Technology:               Alternative Energy Generation/ Renewables; Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response
Fuel:                        Electricity; Heat Pumps; Natural Gas; Co Generation; Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:  For-Profit and Non-Profit Building owners
Cost: Varies by project


The Carbon Neutral Community Economic Development Program (CNCEDP) is an initiative aimed at aiding sustainable economic growth while reducing carbon emissions. It enables communities to make efforts to transition to environmentally friendly practices, promoting clean energy, green infrastructure, and sustainable development. This program empowers communities to build stronger economies while working towards carbon neutrality and a greener future.


The program is aimed at building owners, both for-profit and non-profit entities.

The CNCEDP prioritizes projects with regional significance that are aligned with the goals of the Regional Economic Development Council’s Strategic Plan or other State priorities, including reducing emissions in Disadvantaged Communities (DACs).

How the Program Works

The program works by supporting projects in two categories: Carbon Neutral Facilities and Carbon Neutral Communities.

Funding for the entire program is available in two categories. Category A provides up to $2 million per project for commercial, industrial, municipal, or mixed-use projects that include rehabbing existing buildings and new construction projects. Category B also provides up to $2 million per project for community-scale development that may include municipalities, as well as campuses and large private development projects or portfolios.

Carbon Neutral Facilities

This category is dedicated to facilitating the development of carbon-neutral or net-zero energy buildings. It provides funding and assistance for enhancing energy efficiency, implementing renewable energy sources, storage solutions, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, making it accessible to both existing and new construction projects aiming for carbon-neutral or net-zero energy performance. Selected projects will:

  • Advance Carbon Neutral solutions at the facility level in Commercial, Light Industrial, and Institutional buildings
  • Support exemplary projects that are economic development priorities for the region or the State
  • Support projects that benefit DACs
  • Encourage projects that provide support or essential services to the community

Carbon Neutral Communities

Projects in this category focuses on achieving carbon-neutral or net-zero energy performance at the community level. They aim to achieve this by encompassing community-scale developments, campuses, and large real estate portfolios in pursuit of their sustainability goals. Selected projects will:

  • Include community and portfolio-based planning services
  • Spur larger-scale, multi-building projects
  • Support projects that benefit DACs

Learn more about the CNCEDP here.

How to Apply

Applications can be submitted through the New York State Consolidated Funding Application.

Applications need to present the projects Scope of Work, including a Project Description, Project Performance, Budget, Timeline, and Marketing Plan. For Category B projects, the applicant will need to make a Public Commitment to Carbon Neutrality.

Contact Information

Phone: 518-862-1090