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Charge Ready NY

Program Name: Charge Ready NY
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA, NYPA, NYSDEC (State)
Program Type:          Rebate/Incentives
Technology:               Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Fuel:                        Electricity  
Eligibility:  Any business with a commercial parking lot that services at least 15 employees
Cost: Cost varies between EV models


The Charge Ready NY program  offers rebates to qualifying owners and managers that install a NYSERDA-approved EV charging station at their commercial property.


There are specifications for qualifying parking lots, including a 10-space minimum for workplace lots that serve a minimum of 15 employees who work regularly at the business, which can be located at or near the lot. Stations placed in workplace lots must also be able to connect to an online-network to collect data and process payments.

Stations reserved for fleet vehicles or that serve a workplace with less than 15 employees are ineligible for the Charge Ready NY rebates.

Additional requirements are detailed in the Program Implementation Manual.

How The Program Works

If a business installs a NYSERDA-approved Level 2 charging station at a workplace parking facility, Charge Ready NY offers a $4,000 rebate per charging port, with an additional $500 available for stations located in disadvantaged communities. Depending on model type and installation costs, these rebates average a savings of 30% to 80%.

The purchaser of the station must be the one to sign up to participate. A qualifying business owner applying prior to charging station installation (a pre-application) must submit initial documents that include a building permit, a minimum of one installation quote, and a signed Site Host Agreement. An applicant has 180-days after pre-approval to install the station and submit the final documents.

Rebates are issued once all required documents are received. All stations that receive the Charge Ready NY rebate must remain in operation for at least five years.

The New York State tax credit for EV charging station installation may be combined with these rebates and is applied after subtracting the rebate amount from the property owner or manager costs. The Charge Ready NY rebates cannot be applied with any other rebate program.

How to Apply

To participate in the program, the equipment owner must complete a Contractor Application.

Contact Information

ChargeReady NY
(866) 595-7917