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Charge Ready NY 2.0

Program Name: Charge Ready NY 2.0
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA
Program Type:          Rebate/Incentives
Technology:               Electric Transportation (EV Charging Charging Stations)
Fuel:                        Electricity  
Eligibility:  Public, private, and not-for-profit organizations that install Level 2 EV charging stations at workplaces, multi-unit dwellings, or public facilities
Cost: Cost share varies between location and charger model


The Charge Ready NY 2.0 program, successor to Charge Ready NY, continues to offer incentives for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, expanding qualifying sites to include public, private, and not-for-profit organizations that install Level 2 EV charging stations at workplaces, multi-unit dwellings (MUD’s) or public (government) facilities.


Charging station owners must install NYSERDA-approved stations listed on the Charge Ready NY 2.0 Eligible Charging Equipment and Networks list. The owner must set up access to usage data for 5 years and make the data available to NYSERDA. Projects with charging equipment previously funded by an alternative program listed in the Program Implementation Manual are ineligible for Charge Ready NY 2.0 funding. Review the Manual for all eligibility requirements.

Eligibility specifications for qualifying lots vary by location type.

Workplaces. Charging stations located in workplace lots with at least 20 spaces that primarily serve >50% employees who work at or nearby the place of work, with a minimum of 20 employees regularly working at the site. Eligible workplaces include office buildings, universities, schools, hospitals, and similar facilities.

MUDs. To qualify for the incentives, a MUD must include 10 or more connected housing units and the parking lot must have a minimum 20 parking spaces that primarily serves the MUD. Eligible MUDs include apartment buildings, condominiums, and co-ops, as well as motels and hotels.

Public Facilities. Charging stations located on municipal property (municipal lots, public libraries, government buildings, state or municipal parks, on-street parking on public roads, etc.) MUST be located withing a Disadvantaged Community (DAC). Additional specifications include a minimum 20-spaces open to the public at least 12-hours/day on 5-days/week or more.

How The Program Works

Incentives, offered on a per-port basis, vary based on location type and whether they are located within a DAC:

  • $4,000 per port installed at a public facility within a DAC
  • $2,000 per port installed at a workplace or MUD, plus another $500 if within a DAC
  • $1,000 per port installed in a qualifying lot if in a parking space exclusively reserved for an individual driver or fleet vehicle
  • A varying bonus incentive to chargers in workplace or MUD locations whose owners complete additional actions to promote EV adoption

Incentives are paid upon completion of charging equipment installation and provision of appropriate documentation to NYSERDA. Charge Ready NY rebates can be combined with the New York State tax credit for installing charging stations. The tax credit is applied after deducting any funding received from NYSERDA.

How to Apply

First, select an eligible charging station and network service provider. Then the owner or the installer of the charger sign up to participate in Charge Ready NY 2.0 on behalf of the owner through either an Pre-Installation Application or Post-Installation Application.

Pre-Installation Application

If applying before the charging station install, the applicant must submit initial documents to NYSERDA. Upon approval, NYSERDA reserves funds for the project, and the applicant has

180 days to install the station(s) and submit final documentation. Documents required for pre-installation approval include:

    • a building permit
    • at least one installation quote
    • a signed Site Host Agreement
    • a signed Equipment Owner Agreement
    • a signed Installer Agreement (if the Installer is the applicant)

Post-Installation Application.

If the charging station was installed within the last 90 days, the owner can apply and submit all documentation in one submission. Documents required for final approval are listed on page 14 of the Program Implementation Manual

Contact Information

Contact for information about the Charge Ready NY 2.0 program or call 866-595-7917.