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Clean & Resilient Building Codes for Design & Construction Professionals

Program Name: Clean & Resilient Building Codes for Design & Construction Professionals
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA
Program Type:          Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response
Fuel:                        Electricity  
Eligibility:  Design and Construction Professionals, including architects, professional engineers, builders, and similar stakeholders
Cost: Free


New York State’s Clean & Resilient Building Energy Codes program is a crucial initiative aligned with the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act to achieve the state’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals. Recognizing that buildings contribute over 30% of the state’s emissions, the program focuses on implementing effective building energy codes to address climate objectives. For Design and Construction Professionals, the program emphasizes the role of energy codes in enhancing energy efficiency, fostering community well-being, and increasing resilience.


Design and construction professionals, including architects, professional engineers, builders, and other stakeholders in New York State, are encouraged to engage with the program. The aim is to involve these professionals in managing the long-term energy use, utility costs, and greenhouse gas emissions of buildings, aligning with the state’s clean energy goals.

How the Program Works

Importance of Energy Codes: The program underscores the significance of energy codes in not only promoting energy efficiency but also contributing to financial, health, and safety outcomes for communities, especially vulnerable populations. Updated codes lead to benefits such as a more durable thermal envelope, enhanced air leakage prevention, and increased use of insulation, allowing buildings to adapt to extreme temperatures.

Benefits for Professionals: Design and construction professionals play a crucial role as the “boots on the ground,” implementing advanced building energy codes. By exceeding compliance with the New York State Building Code, these professionals can distinguish themselves, enhance the value of buildings, reduce operating costs, and attract tenants and investors interested in sustainability. The program offers technical and financial support for new construction and retrofit projects, as well as various energy code trainings and resources for the design and construction community. Examples of resources are:

  • The State Energy Code Training Directory and NYStretch Training Directory, which lists trainings that are tailored for the 2020 State Energy Code and for the 2020 NYStretch Energy Code Supplement, respectively. Both directories are updated periodically as new training opportunities become available.
  • The Code Hotline, which offers technical support to building design, construction, and code enforcement professionals with questions on both the 2020 Code and Supplement.
  • The New York State Energy Code Manual for Design Professionals, which helps building professionals design projects that comply with New York State Energy Code by translating the Energy Code into actionable insights and guidance (this manual is not intended to be a complete design resource).

How to Apply

No application required.

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