Commercial Tenant Program

Program Name: Commercial Tenant Program
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA (State)
Program Type:          Incentives
Technology:               Energy Efficiency
Fuel:               Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:                        Leased commercial buildings that pay into the Systems Benefit Charge
Cost:                        Application Based


This program provides incentives to landlords and tenants interested in incorporating energy efficiency technology in leased commercial spaces.  The program covers up to 100% of professional service fees of eligible consultants retained by a landlord or tenant to offer technical assistance in incorporating energy efficiency measures for leased commercial spaces.


  • Open to landlords and tenants that own, operate, or occupy leased spaces.
  • Eligible spaces should be leased or vacant pending lease and be located in a commercial building that pays into the New York State System Benefits Charge.
  • Tenants who occupy entire buildings and control base building systems are not eligible.

How the Program Works

NYSERDA helps cover the cost of engaging qualified consultants to identify energy saving opportunities and to plan the implementation of energy efficiency measures in leased spaces.

The consultant will do most of the work, but the tenant/landlord retains control over the scope of work and information such as the content and presentation needed to make decisions.

Eligible project types include opportunity assessments that identify opportunities to improve energy efficacy and planning assistance for implementing energy efficiency upgrades. NYSERDA will also consider other technical assistance projects that seek to identify and estimate energy savings so long as they meet certain criteria.

NYSERDA issues payment directly to the consultant, reducing out-of-pocket expenses. The applicable incentives a participant can receive under the program vary depending on the project type.

How to Apply

Consultants are responsible for submitting the applications and all deliverables.

Tenants and landlords can select a Qualified Consultant to enroll in the program.

 Contact Information

Questions can be e-mailed directly to NYSERDA at