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Community Solar

Program Name: Community Solar
Program Sponsor: Sustainable Westchester (SW) & Con Edison
Program Type:          Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:         Alternative Energy Generation/ Renewables
Fuel:              Solar
Eligibility:  Business owners with large, flat roofs, including but not limited to self-storage facilities, warehouses or big box stores, and large shopping centers.  Houses of worship and some smaller businesses also considered. Any business that is an electric utility customer is eligible to subscribe to the program.
Cost:  Application Based


Sustainable Westchester’s Community Solar program provides technical assistance to the owners or managers of commercial properties that may be eligible to host a community solar PV system. Without upfront costs, development of a commercial solar PV system creates subscription opportunities for local community members and an anchor subscription opportunity for the host business with a 10% savings. On-site solar generation returns energy to the grid and provides the host-business with lease revenue.



Any business with large commercial roof tops or parking lots adequate to support the community solar farm.


Any business that is an electric utility customer.

How the Program Works


Any business owner that believes they have an appropriate facility for a community solar PV system should contact Sustainable Westchester for assistance. Sustainable Westchester representatives can provide information about how large-scale solar farms function within the existing energy utility structure and connects interested businesses with trusted community solar PV system developers who work in Westchester County.


Any business that pays an electric utility bill but wants to transition to energy sourced from an existing, local community solar farm can register to join Westchester Power. Westchester Power is a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) that any Con Edison customer in Westchester may register for online for free. CCA participants then receive utility-bill credits for their share of produced solar-generated electricity, which in turn the solar farm bills at a 10% discount, saving a participant money.

For more information on becoming a host or a subscriber, please visit Sustainable Westchester’s Community Solar webpage.

Contact Information

Please contact Sustainable Westchester by emailing or calling 914-242-4725.