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Con Edison Instant Lighting Incentive Program

Program Name: Con Edison Instant Lighting Incentive Program
Program Sponsor: Con Edison
Program Type:          Incentives/Rebates
Technology:               Energy Efficiency/ Demand Response (LED Lighting)
Eligibility:                        Con Edison commercial and multi-family customers
Cost:  Costs vary depending on selected LED Lighting


Con Edison’s Instant Lighting Incentive Program (ILIP) provides instant rebates for purchasing qualified ENERGY STAR and DesignLights Consortium LEDs from participating contractors. The program is intended to benefit both participating contractors and their customers by increasing sales while also making LED upgrades more affordable for customers.

The benefits of LED Lighting include:

  • Longevity: On average, LEDS last up to 15 years, helping you save on replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Quality: Instant-on lighting does not flicker or hum.
  • Cost: While a standard bulb costs about $7 a year to power, LED bulbs will cost you just $1.
  • Color and Appearance: LEDs are available in a wide range of natural light colors that illuminate any space or product display.
  • Optimized Energy Use: 90% of the electricity used by standard bulbs produces heat, while only 10 % produces light. LEDs keep their cool and utilize electricity for light output (lumens) exclusively. They provide the same level of brightness as standard bulbs while consuming far less energy (watts).
  • Versatility: LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and most are compatible with dimmers.


Customer Eligibility
Most commercial and multifamily customers located in ConEdison’s service area are eligible to participate. Participants must confirm installation prior to reimbursement; spare lamps are not eligible for discounts. All purchases are subject to inspection.

Contractor Eligibility
Contractors must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Completed at least two years of business (exceptions made for applicants with less than 2 years of business if they can provide proof of existing project(s) consisting of products that would sum to at least $1000 of incentives if submitted to ILIP)
  • Purchase directly from a lighting manufacturer or their rep agency or be a lighting manufacturer making direct sales.
  • Have and maintain liability insurance coverage of at least $1 million.
  • Maintains good standing with other Con Edison programs, if currently or previously enrolled

How the Program Works

To Participate as a Customer

Customers should work with an enrolled participant contractor to select qualifying LEDs. The instant incentive will be applied at the time of purchase and Con Edison will reimburse the enrolled contractor for the immediate incentive.

To Participate as a Contractor

Eligible contractors may apply by submitting an Instant Lighting Incentive Program Enrollment Application.

Additionally, contractors are required to complete training by Con Edison within 30 days of their enrollment acceptance, or else their status as a participant will be denied. A minimum of one employee of the contractor who will be engaging with the program must partake in the training. The training consists of a thorough review of all items in this handbook. On behalf of their employer, the trained members must understand the entirety of the handbook, including the consequences of noncompliance with the handbook.  Participants may begin to sell measures for reimbursement upon successful completion of training.

Participating Contractors must confirm both customer eligibility and product eligibility prior to every sale. Within 90 days and after the participant confirms that the installation is complete and that the project fulfills all of the requirements, sales must be submitted and approved for reimbursement. Con Edison processes invoices on a weekly basis.  However, all projects are subject to post-inspection prior to reimbursement.

Participants are expected to remain active by requesting at least $5,000 of approved incentives every 6 months.

Contact Information

Questions can be e-mailed to

Con Edison
Cooper Station
P.O. Box 138
New York, NY 10276-0138