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Drive Clean Rebate for Plug-In Electric Cars

Program Name: Drive Clean Rebate for Plug-In Electric Cars
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA
Program Type:          Rebates/Incentives
Technology:               Transportation
Cost:                        Varies by electric vehicle mode


The Charge NY initiative offers electric car purchasers a Drive Clean Rebate of up to $2,000 for new car or lease purchases.

Rebates for Eligible Vehicles Purchased on or Before June 30, 2021 Rebates for Eligible Vehicles Purchased After June 30, 2021
EPA Combined All-Electric Range Incentive EPA Combined All-Electric Range Incentive
Less than 20 $500 Less than 40 $500
20 – 39 $1,100 40 – 199 $1,000
40 – 119 $1,700 200 and greater $2,000
120 and greater $2,000 MSRP over $6,000 $500
MSRP over $6,000 $500

Vehicle Purchaser Eligibility

To be eligible for a Drive Clean Rebate, a Vehicle Purchaser must purchase or lease an eligible vehicle from a Participating Dealer and be a New York State resident or licensed to do business in the State. The vehicle must be in the Purchaser’s ownership for 36 months, unless receiving approval from NYSERDA to sell the vehicle, with proper New York State DMW registration and vehicle insurance. NYSERDA must be able to verify registration with the DMV, the vehicle identification number (VIN), and share the vehicle model and associated address with the electric distribution utility servicing that location. Purchaser must agree to never modify the vehicle’s emission control system, engine, engine hardware, software calibrations, or electric drive system. Purchaser must also agree to participate in online surveys and other research efforts that support program goals and agree to reimburse the dealer if it is discovered the Purchaser provided information resulting in the rebate being denied

How to Apply

Vehicle Purchaser

To locate Participating Dealers in Westchester and surrounding counties, prospective purchasers can filter NYSERDA’s list of participating dealers by county. When purchasing the car, notify the dealer that you would like to follow the Drive Clean Rebate for Plug-In Electric Cars application process and they will assist in procuring the rebate.

Vehicle Dealer
Westchester dealerships that offer eligible models and aim to become a Participating Dealer should complete the dealership contractor application on NYSERDA’s Charge NY Drive Clean Rebate portal.

Contact Information

Contact the program administrator:

Phone: 866.595.7917