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Retail Energy Storage Incentive Program

Program Name: Retail Energy Storage Incentive Program
Program Sponsor: NYSERDA (State)
Program Type:          Rebates/Incentive
Technology:               Energy Storage
Fuel:               Electricity
Eligibility:                        Commercial customers
Cost:  Application Based


NYSERDA offers a single up-front payment at a fixed amount per kilowatt hour (kWh) of usable energy storage for projects up to 5 megawatts (MW).


Commercial customers who want to implement standalone, grid-connected energy storage or systems paired with a new or existing clean on-site generation like solar, fuel cells, or combined heat and power are eligible.

Energy storage systems must:

  • Be sized up to 5 megawatts (MW) of alternating current (AC) power
  • Be new, permanent, and stationary
  • Be located in New York State
  • Use thermal, chemical, or mechanical commercially- available technology primarily operated for electric load management or shifting on-site renewable generation to more beneficial time periods
  • Provide value to a customer under an investor-owned utility rate, including delivery charges or New York State’s value of distributed energy resources (VDER)
  • Interconnect either behind a customer’s electric meter or directly into the distribution system

How the Program Works

Incentives for all retail storage projects are provided through a network of participating contractors approved under the Energy Storage program. To get started, interested participants should select a participating contractor to inspect the location, determine the best size system, technology and siting options. The participating contractor will also submit all paperwork to NYSERDA on the participant’s behalf.

Available incentives vary throughout the State. NYSERDA’s Incentive Dashboard provides the applicable incentive amounts by region.

How to Apply

Use NYSERDA’s search tool list to locate an Energy Storage Contractor in your area. Your contractor will inspect your location to determine the best system size, technology, and siting options, and submit all paperwork to NYSERDA on your behalf.

Contact Information

Questions can be submitted via email to or asked by phone at 1.866.NYSERDA.