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EV Make-Ready Program

Program Name: EV Make-Ready Program
Program Sponsor: Con Edison; Joint Utilities of New York
Program Type:          Rebate/Incentives; Information Sharing/ Technical Support
Technology:               Transportation
Fuel:                        Electricity  
Eligibility:  Business and/ or non-residential property owners looking to install L2 or DCFC chargers; Operators/ Owners of MHD Fleets; Electrical contractors
Cost: Infrastructure costs beyond incentive; cost of the L2 or DCFC charger


The goal of the statewide utility Electric Vehicle Make-Ready Program (“EV Make-Ready Program”) is to assist development of the electric infrastructure and equipment required to serve increased EV deployment by reducing the upfront costs of building non-residential charging stations for EVs. Through the various utility EV Make-Ready Programs – including Con Edison’s POWERREADY Electric Vehicle Program – businesses, property owners, and other entities looking to install or participate in the installation of Level 2 (“L2”) and/or Direct Current Fast Charging (“DCFC”) chargers can earn incentives to offset up to 100% of infrastructure costs associated with readying a site for the EV charger.

The EV Make-Ready Program includes three areas of focus: Light Duty EVs,  Medium- and Heavy-Duty (“MHD) EVs, and Fleet Assessment Services.


Light-Duty EV Make-Ready Program. A business or other entity looking to install L2 and/or DCFC chargers.

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Make Ready Pilot (“MHD Pilot”). Operators of MHD vehicle fleets with property to set up charging stations for electric fleets. Fleets must be approved for participation in either the New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program or the New York City Clean Trucks Program to participate in the MHD Pilot. Reducing diesel emissions within Disadvantage Communities (DACs) is the Pilot’s primary objective, so projects located in or that support fleets that operate in DACs a signification portion of the time will be prioritized.

Electrical Contractors interested in installing EV infrastructure may apply to do so.

How the Program Works

Light-Duty EV Make-Ready Program

Con Edison’s POWERREADY Electric Vehicle Program is the Light-Duty program in Westchester County through which business and/or non-residential property owners looking to install L2 or DCFC chargers can receive up to 100% of “make ready” EV infrastructure costs covered. Incentive levels vary based on whether the project is publicly available or if access is restricted, charger type, plug type (standardized or proprietary), and location within or outside a DAC. Participation includes five (5) distinct steps:

  • First Step: Contact Con Edison at to establish a point of contact. Register following these directions and review this training video.
  • Second Step: Identify an Approved Contractor to complete all customer-side work, including completing Site Design and charger selection.
  • Third Step: Submit an Application to Con Edison following these directions. Con Edison reviews the eligibility and site information, assess costs and feasibility, determines the qualifying incentive rate, and the participant signs a Program Agreement.
  • Fourth Step: Con Edison and the contractor build the “make-ready” infrastructure to the parking space(s).
  • Fifth Step: Chargers are installed and activated and the participant provides Con Edison with documentation and operational data before Con Edison provides the customer with the set incentive payment.

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Make Ready Pilot

Operators of MHD vehicles can receive up to 90% of infrastructure costs to set up charging stations for MHD EV fleets, with projects involving diesel fleets in or regularly servicing DACs prioritized.  There are six steps required to participate in the MHD Pilot:

  • First Step: Select an eligible EV for purchase or for lease and identify a qualifying diesel vehicle for scrappage.
  • Second Step: Contact a dealer authorized to sell the EV selected in step one. The dealer will be able to submit a voucher application and reserve vehicle funding.
  • Third Step: Contact Con Edison to discuss MHD EV charging infrastructure needs and requirements, assess eligibility for the Make-Ready Pilot, and apply for fleet assessment service.
  • Fourth Step: Following approval of the voucher application, find an Approved Contractor and completed the utility’s Make-Ready application.
  • Fifth Step: Find a participating vehicle dismantler to complete scrappage of the diesel truck or bus. Communicate regularly with the vehicle dealer, contractor, and utility regarding status of vehicle production and infrastructure work.
  • Sixth Step: Complete a utility survey about the experience and provide semi-annual vehicle usage reporting.

How to Apply

Light-Duty EV Make-Ready Program: Submit an Application to Con Edison following these directions once an Approved Contractor has completed Site Design and selected the EV charger model.

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Make Ready Pilot: An authorized MHD EV dealer submits a New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program application. Once approved, identify an Approved Contractor and complete the Make-Ready application to qualify to the Make-Ready incentives. The deadline to apply for the MHD Pilot is December 31, 2025, or until available incentive funding has been fully allocated.

Electrical Contractors interested in becoming an Approved Contractor able to install infrastructure under the Make-Ready Program may apply here.

Contact Information

Con Edison:

Joint Utilities

Phone: 866-595-7917