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Green Business Benchmark Certification Program & Online Sustainability Resources

Program Name: Green Business Certification Program & Online Sustainability Resources
Program Sponsor: Green Business Benchmark & Business Council of Westchester
Program Type:          Information Sharing/ Technical Support; Management Software/ Data Tracking; Labeling/ Certification
Technology:               Technology Neutral
Fuel:                        Fuel Neutral
Eligibility:  All businesses that seek tor educe their environmental impact
Cost: $150 to $1,500 per year depending on subscription level


The Business Council of Westchester (BCW) has partnered with the Green Business Benchmark(GBB) to offer all Westchester businesses a comprehensive Green Business Certification Program. The GBB is a trusted authority in green corporate practices and provides businesses a self-guided process to assess, measure, act, and receive accreditation for sustainability actions that foster a green corporate culture and socially responsible business practices. The program includes online sustainability resources and tools.


The program is open to all businesses that seek to reduce their environmental impact, improve operational efficiencies, engage employees, elevate their brand, and attract environmentally conscious customers.

How the Program Works

The program consists of four (4) key areas: Guidance, Sustainability Program Management, Certification, and Recognition.

Guidance. The GBB’s sustainability framework, coupled with their trademarked software tools for business sustainability assessment, planning, and scorekeeping, enable businesses to understand, prioritize, implement, and certify comprehensive sustainability initiatives. The GBB provides businesses with further guidance, calculators, training, and consulting as needed.

Sustainability Program Management. The GBB online platform provides businesses with a framework and tools to help internal teams manage sustainability programs. Member businesses use the GBB’s planning tool to set sustainability goals, prioritize initiatives and track results. The GBB’s resource library provides over 500 self-guided initiatives and eco-plans. Finally, their virtual scorecard and online dashboard allow businesses to track actions and progress.

Certification. As a trusted 3rd party, the GBB can verify and certify a company’s achievements. GBB members validate sustainability efforts using their assessment software, an easy-to-use online tool that credits businesses for completed initiatives. Members earn an “EcoScore” and the “GBB Green Business Seal”, from Bronze to Platinum level, to communicate their accomplishments and show that they are officially recognized as sustainable. The GBB certification program is entirely online and self-paced. GBB minimizes consulting services, onsite audits and onsite assessments and verifies online. The goal is to help members reach their sustainability goals without needing to spend thousands of dollars in consulting and audit fees.

Recognition. With the certified GBB Ecoprofile, EcoScore, and certified seal, businesses can tell their story in a credible way to elevate their brand, improve their reputation, win new customers and contracts, all while avoiding greenwashing.

The program utilizes GBB’s online solutions to guide businesses at various stages of sustainability. For businesses just starting, it offers a library of actionable initiatives and an online planner. Advanced businesses can complete an online assessment, measure progress with an online scorecard, and achieve official certification. Businesses that lead in sustainability practices may achieve certification, manage regulatory risk, and promote achievements using the GBB seal and EcoProfile.

How to Apply

Interested businesses can request an online pre-recorded demo of the GBB’ assessment and planner tools. Businesses then join the program and gain access to the GBB’s software, framework, and resources by paying the annual fee, which varies by edition.  The cost varies between $150 to $1,500 per year depending on subscription level.

BCW members can use the coupon code (BCW10) for a 10% discount, and previous Green Business Partnership (GBP) certified members may enjoy additional discounts.

Contact Information

For inquiries and further information, contact Maria Genovesi at